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SPACs transactions

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) have seen a rapid surge in the IPO market in 2020, being a popular, and competitive, investment choice for the likes of private equity and real estate fund managers, sovereign wealth funds and investment banks. 

Wall Street

The International Stock Exchange (TISE)

SPACS have grown again in popularity and TISE has specific rules for listing the equity of trading companies and investment vehicles which might be utilised by the enlarged group once the SPAC has made its Qualifying Acquisition (QA) if there’s a demand to retain a listing. We’re able to act as both listing and transfer agent on The International Stock Exchange (TISE) for SPACs and REITs transactions in addition to our full suite of other corporate and agency services.


SPAC process

The SPAC process consumes a lot of your time and attention. Marketing your credentials to potential investors, gaining their trust and investment, potentially needing to raise private investment in public equity (PIPE) funds, and completing the transaction on time, and without encountering unforeseen issues, is a significant task. 

Stock Market Quotes

Expert Team 

Our expert team of employees globally are at the forefront of this increasingly popular trend with a growing, and comprehensive, track record of SPAC transactions. 

Finance News


  • Accounting Standards Conversion(GAAP)

  • Complex accounting treatment

  • Preparation of financial statements and U.S. listing documents

  • Assist in answering questions from SEC and Nasdaq&NYSE

  • Internal control design, improvement, and testing of related laws

  • U.S. post-listing tax services

VIE architecture construction

  • File 37

  • Foreign Investment Enterprise Application (WOFE)

  • Employee Stock Ownership Incentive Plan (ESOP)

  • Return of overseas funds & pre-IPO restructuring

  • RMB Foreign Direct Investment (ODI)

  • SEC verification and legal opinion

Overseas listing

  • Packaging for corporate themes

  • Business combing and restructuring

  • Corporate Equity Valuation

  • Responding to questions from regulators & investors

  • Transaction pricing recommendations

  • Estimated to deal with "short"

  • Post-IPO financing plan/execution

SPAC listed

  • SPAC application

  • Formation of SPAC IPO initiating team

  • SPAC IPO roadshow fundraising

  • SPAC reverse merger listing

  • SPAC M&A listing valuation & negotiation

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